Here's storaged some sites I really enjoy and the ones that I use to decorate and make my own website ^-^. If you want to exchange buttons let me know on my guestbook, here are the one's I currently look at the most, but I have no problem on adding more friends. I hope this helps you.

Neocities neighbors (Check them out!) ❀

Credits ❀

W3Schools is a school for web developers,
covering all the aspects of web development.
I learned everything I know from this page (o´∀`o)
Graphics and such, I love that the main theme
are bears, Ugero-kuma has no idea they are a star.
An original web graphics and pixel art website
with lots of pastel colors, very tiny and cute.
Lots of graphics with a lot of different themes,
all of them are very cute and there's a big variety.
Pixelated animal graphics and more, lots of
little dogs, very cute as well.
In this site you can adopt a censorship panda!
It's pretty useful (and cute) to set your site's rating.

Me around the web ❀