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Welcome to my site! 'Danppun' is my little place on the internet, where thoughts, feelings and other things will be stored in order to entertain myself. This website was created with the intention of store memories, thoughts, feelings and so much more, without the pressure and struggles of social media. I hope you feel at ease when looking though my page, I like things to look cute and ornate, enjoy this corner of the internet and have lots of fun.

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This is a tiktok a came across some weeks ago, the dancing captivated me so much I couldn't forget about it, then some days ago the song was eating my insides, I hadn't watch the video in a while because I uninstall tiktok, so I urged one of my friends to look it up for me.
From what I learned, this is a Polish dance called Oberek, that would be translated to something like "to spin"; it's a very lively dance that has a lot of different dance moves, this one with the knees being one of them.
What called my attention the most was the fact that the women in the dance lift the entire body weight of the men in certain moves, it's really impressive!

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