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Welcome to Danppun's Website

Danppun's Website is a place where the thoughts and feelings of the webmaster will be stored in order to entertain themself and maybe other people on the way.

Music playing right now: "Princess Tutu - Konzert 1 - 24 - Kurumi Wari Ningyo Hana no Warutsu"

For the only purpose of being involved in something much bigger than myself, I decided that I would make a page, initially just to be aware of people I follow and admire. Among so many things, at a time of heavy sadness I decided to design the page.

I am happy to say that doing this page and this project in general has made me feel very good about myself, although it has become in part an obsession, I am not a person who has an interesting life or many hobbies; maybe create a space where I can put everything I have is fun, even though I don’t have so many things, I want everything to look ornate and cute around memories before they are forgotten.

About the Webmaster

Occupation: Student
Name: Dan
Age: 17
From: Chile

* A not very interesting individual. Really likes camembert cheese.



[19.junio.2021]—Added dream New digital drawing

[10.junio.2021]— The website reached 20k views!

[09.junio.2021]— Added Gaia avatar linked,Log

[07.junio.2021]— Blog page new design

[30.mayo.2021]— Added Gallery,Digital art,Doodles

[29.mayo.2021]— Added dream

[28.mayo.2021]— Added dream

[26.mayo.2021]— Added dream

[26.mayo.2021]— Links page ready

[24.mayo.2021]— Home structure ready

Isn't this a special occasion?

Wow, you have found this page! Pretty awesome of you I may say, even tho I don't really have much around here, but I hope we can have fun while you're looking around.

I'm gonna leave one video monthly here! I saw it in other page and thought it was a cool idea, so if you want to loose some minutes of your precious life, you can go and take a peek!

Video of the month!!

Current favorite picture!!

[10.junio.2021] The website reached 20k views, thank you!

To do List (or smth like that)

  • Terminar página about
  • Re-diseñar index y gallery
  • Poner una lista de todos los animes que he visto (about)
  • Hacer una shrine a ranfren, sakura cardcaptor, sarazanmai, gakuen alice, nagito, twogami and herb cookie
  • Recolectar y organizar sketches para publicarlos (gallery)
  • Poner sección de fanlisting (about)
  • Terminar de leer gakuen alice (about)
  • Terminar de diseñar ocs
  • Terminar de escribir eso
  • Diseñar un refrigerador
  • Escritura del yo (Colegio)