17 de Noviembre 2023

Pixel art Primarina, i like this pokemon a lot. I was playing pokemon before all the college test came at me at full force, I should go back, probably.

3 de Octubre 2023

Kira Yoshikage warm up that I ended up painting (coloring?). He's been in my brain for months now, I have a big fat crush on him. I've also punished him with the curse of standing in the white void.

30 de Septiembre 2023

First digital drawing of this also very old oc of mine. He doesn't have a name, even though I made him about 4 years ago, he's friendly and sometimes nasty, he has a boyfriend I haven't draw in a while. For the while being, he is in this white void.

23 de Septiembre 2023

New design for a really old oc of mine. He's the son of a witch that has become obssesed with finding his soulmate he sees in his dreams. While trying to make the right magic, he accidentally curses a classmate (Ambrose) that was passing by his house. Then they start to know eachother better and decide to date, but Cassian hasn't stopped his plan to seek out for his soulmate.

17 a 20 de Agosto 2023

Sketches requests I did in August, the ones I liked the best.
1st- Moomintroll and Snufkin.
2nd- Shuichi Saihara.
3rd- Shinji Ikari

3 de Agosto 2023

Art trade with someone on instagram. Sadly I got ghosted lol, I have no idea what happend to this person, but I got really angry because I stressed a lot drawing this, I admired them a lot. I like the drawing by itself, I have no idea about this character's personalities but ok. As you can see, it's not even finished.

9 de Julio 2023

Sketches for a Bungou Stray Dogs Self-insert oc. His name is Kanou. Even though the image says 20, I've decided he's 26 years old as he was supposed to be a Literature college teacher. I don't think he's longer a bsd oc, since I'm not into it that well, I tried to but it just didn't stick up with me.

His names is based on one of my favorite mangas (3-bansen no Campanella), and his power was something like: He has the ability to call this humanoid creature that lends him powers to see people's souls (He calls it an angel). He can manipulate this souls with bare hands, skin to skin touch, and is able to make changes to people bodies through this.

27 de Junio 2023

Concept for my Mob Psycho 100 Self-insert oc. His name is Botan. Botan is a 15 year old boy, he's quiet and tries to live a life as normal as possible. He has psychometric powers, or token-object reading powers, that lets him get information about anything he touches, from objects to people. He can't control this power manually so he avoids having physical contact with his classmates and family the most he can. He also has slight ergokinesis, letting him absorve or give energy to others, he hasn't tried using this power too much.

23 de Junio 2023

Art trade with another friend of mine, Cloud. Here I was having problems with my inspiration, so the colors and the composition. . . I don't like it a lot, is very messy, but I liked drawing their character a lot. I want to draw more of their characters in the future.

24 de Mayo 2023

Art trade with my friend Oli, they're Teky's owner hehe.

1 de Abril 2023

Birthday present for a dear friend of mine. There's me, Wally Darling and Kirby.

6 de Marzo 2023

Spread of sketches for some character's concept. This was me being self indulgent again, I don't have a lot of male ocs so I wanted to make a cute couple. I haven't gotten more into them as I write, someday I'll write something short about them. Their names are Maria (Gyaruo) and √Ādrien (Normie-kun).

5 de Marzo 2023

Teky is a character from one of my friends (Oliver), he's a mischievous boy that lies a lot, so his guardian angel, to teach him a lesson, stoles his face. This is another sketch-like drawing, started uni so I can't draw much.

21 de Febrero 2023

This time I drew Shou, when I realized I've never draw fanart exclusively for him. This was meant to be a clothe practicing drawing, but I ended up coloring him (painting?). I wrote his name wrong, I'm sorry.

7 de Febrero 2023

Teruki Hanazawa fanart. He's been my favorite character since 2017, I've always drawn him very ugly in my opinion, way too grow up maybe. This is the first time I've drawn him in a very long time.

19 de Enero 2023

Fern and Finn fanart I made as an art trade for someone on instagram. This is more like a colored sketch, there's barely any detail. I liked how simple the background is, makes me feel at ease.

3 de Enero 2023

Nico on the left, Basil on the right. They're normal highschoolers. . . Except that Basil has supernatural powers, which've made her an outcast in the school, without mentioning her scary gaze that everybody tries to avoid, but her voice is just unmatchable and Nico needs someone to take the main role for the play she has written for the theater club.